Personalization Choices - Rhinestones Guide

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Czech Preciosa Rhinestones
Color Reference Chart

Color you need is not shown? If you are searching for a color you do NOT see, call us, we can try to find it for you. We will need lead time and minimum quantities will apply.

Disclaimer: Please do NOT rely on your computer monitor to represent the colors as depending on your monitor, video card and monitor's resolution colors may vary. We did our best to represent the colors.

  • Crystal Clear - Diamond-Like Price under - Crystal Column
  • Crystal AB -The Standard of the AB stones, throws brilliant red, green, blue, purple. Very little yellow. Very bright stone, even in dim light Crystal AB Pricing
  • Amethyst -True amethyst color ...purple with hints of red 
  • Alexandrite - Very pale purple on blue tone side
  • Aqua Aquamarine - light blue/very little green, like the gem Aquamarine
  • Aqua Bohemica -One step above aqua color, light blue/more green
  • Aurum - Metallic gold
  • Bermuda Blue -Capri Blue with an undertone of lighter blue, an effect stone
  • Black Diamond -Smoke Glass gray, brilliant 
  • Blue Zircon -Deep Aqua, bright, great for turquoise/teal colors
  • Blue Flare - Metallic dark blue - effect stone
  • Brown Flare - Metallic Brown with some purple tones - effect stone
  • Capri Blue -Rich and bright blue
  • Capri Gold - Metallic , copper like color - effect stone
  • Citrine -  Intense and bright Yellow, lemon yellow
  • Deep Tanzanite - Deep purple
  • Emerald -Rich emerald green 
  • Fuchsia -Intense rose/hot pink with purple undertone
  • Garnet -  Deep wine color / very deep red
  • Green Tourmaline - an intermediate green
  • Heliotrope -  Effect color purples, blue, but mainly a beautiful purple
  • Hematite -  Effect color, silver-gray to blackish surface, metallic, looks just like the semiprecious stone, Hematite- Shines Great over Black
  • Honey - An effect stone, crystal with hints of Gold
  • Hyacinth -Brilliant red with touch of yellow, more orange than Light Siam
  • Indian Pink - Hot pink without the purple tones
  • Indicolite - Blue with a tinge of green, lighter than blue zircon... more blue
  • Jet - Opaque Black, Usually un-backed (Strauss) 
  • Jonquil -Very pale yellow with a tinge of green
  • Labrador - Metallic Silver, shiny like a stud, effect stone
  • Light Amethyst -Lighter version of Amethyst, lavender with hints of red 
  • Light Colorado Topaz -Paler gold than Topaz, less yellow/orange Beige. 
  • Light Peach -Pale Peach color
  • Light Rose - Paler version of Rose 
  • Light Sapphire -Much less intense than Sapphire 
  • Light Siam - Brilliant bright red, Fire Engine Red
  • Montana Blue -Deep blue good when Navy Blue 
  • Olivine -  Olive Green 
  • Padparadscha -  Salmon color, a nice light coral
  • Peridot -Medium green/yellow, excellent with greens and limes 
  • Rose - True rose color
  • Rose Opal - Rose Translucent with pearly Cast (Pearly) - similar to an opal with Rose tones. The AB version of Rose Opal has peachy tones
  • Ruby -Deep/Dark fuchsia (not RED like a ruby stone- for that see Siam)
  • Sapphire - Rich royal blue
  • Siam - Deep Blood Red, or deep Ruby color 
  • Smoke Topaz - Deep Topaz color, less yellow than Topaz, Bronze color
  • Starlight Gold -  a highly reflective bronze shade of gold
  • Sun -  Very golden Orange (Like the setting Sun)
  • Tanzanite - Light purple, more bluish and less red than Light Amethyst 
  • Topaz - Golden brown yellow, good with golds and browns 
  • Violet - Very pretty purple, lighter than light amethyst, same family
  • Volcano -  Effect color, intense purple, red, blue, green. Changes color as light hits it. 
  • White Opal -  Translucent with Yellow Cast (Pearly) - similar to an opal.  Great for Off White.