We are currently hiring for the Brand Champion position which is a remote, part-time sales role. Our Brand Champion Program is a way for you to bring VET Delivers to the heart of your community, expand VET Delivers impact, and for us to give back to you, our amazing supporters. Apply to become a Instagram Brand Champion for VET Delivers. We select a limited amount of people per year, we choose new brand advocates about once every 3 months. Anyone can apply to become a Brand Champion. This is a great opportunity for existing and potential customers be a part of our journey to help grow a global brand. Often people that are apply to become a Brand Champion are very interested in trying products, however might have limited financial resources but have extra time to spare. This is an ideal opportunity for someone in that situation. Brand Champion enjoy being a part of the program and connecting with other people that have similar interests. For me, I feel this is a fun and authentic way to grow the VET Delivers brand. I also very much like getting to know my Brand  Champion more than "just a customer".  We have a limited number of positions available, and they’re going to fill up fast, so please apply as soon as possible. We look forward to expanding our team!


- Brand Champion term last 30 days.
- Earn store credit.
- Your IG account will need to be public, or you can create a separate account if you prefer.


+ Spread the word about VET Delivers in your community, family, base/campus, and social media networks
+ Drive targeted traffic to the VET Delivers website.
+ Sport your VET Delivers gear
+ Generate sales and get rewarded 10 to 20% commission on every sale!
+ Be an active member of the VET Delivers Community



    + IMPACT: Bring social and environmental change to the heart of your community.
    CHOOSE: start by choosing your ambassador code + get your personal link
    + COMMUNITY: Join the VET Delivers Community - Our Brand Champions are change-makers, doers and impacting members of their community from all over America. Get involved and supported through our Brand Ambassador Community. You may even be able to attend our local  meet-ups.
    + SWAG: Rock your VET Delivers shirt, and earn fun VET Delivers gear through achieving goals. As an VET Delivers Brand Ambassador, you get access to exclusive discounts and flash sales.
    + PERSONAL COACHING: We are committed to supporting you in your role on our team! That’s why we have a Community Programs Manager dedicated to making your experience fun, successful and lasting.
    + BE AN INSIDER: As an VET Delivers Brand Ambassador, you are the first to hear of any exciting VET Delivers update, new product, sale, promotion, or newsflash.
    + EARN MONEY: As an VET Delivers Brand Ambassador, you generate sales and get rewarded 10 to 20% commission on every sale!
    + FIRST DIBS: Our Brand Ambassador get first consideration for future career or internship opportunities within VET Delivers.
     Download our Brand Ambassador Application and submit back to us.
    Non-Disclosure Agreement
    To be a Brand Ambassador you must agree to this NDA (non-disclosure agreement), stating you will not use Ventures C & A LLC marketing strategies to implement in your business. You agree not to disclose them with others, either by sharing or selling. Violating this NDA means that legal action may be pursued against you. The party who reveals confidential information could be sued for damages, be forced to pay back lost profits, and in some cases, be held in contempt of court (which could lead to criminal charges). Treat others as you want to be treated.
    Non-Compete Clause
    This non-compete clause (NCC) is effective when you are selected as a brand ambassador. For 2 years after you are a brand ambassador, you shall not directly or indirectly solicit business from, attempt to sell, license or provide, the same or similar products as are now provided to, any customers or clients of Ventures C & A LLC.
    You shall not at any time disclose the above strategy, in any manner, either directly or indirectly, for the use for the personal benefit.
    It is agreed that if a Brand Ambassador violates the terms of this agreement, irreparable harm may occur, and financial compensation will be pursued.
    Read more about the terms here:
    Brand Ambassador Application - FAQ

     About us

    VET Delivers, a DBA of Ventures C & A LLC is a Certified Disable Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) & a Woman Owned, Social Impact company that employs Veterans and their Family members. We donate 10% of annual profits to social benefit non profit causes that support veterans and empower women. Learn more, here.     

    I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

    Mother Teresa

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